CLIENT: Ontario’s Highlands

TYPE OF WORK: Web, Print, Social, Custom Build


Ontario’s Highlands wanted to be positioned as ‘the ultimate close-to-home escape for people looking to get out of the city, create lasting memories, explore the unexplored, and experience the authentic.’ The overall desire of the campaign was to help define the experiences available in Ontario’s Highlands and create an emotional connection between the prospective visitor and the destination with a strong engagement strategy. 

The goal was to develop a creative integrated campaign that established an emotional connection between the potential visitor and Ontario’s Highlands, emphasized the escape message, and highlighted the experiences available to visitors in-destination. The campaign would also raise awareness of what Ontario's Highlands has to offer for vacation opportunities within the desired target market.


The Great Escape – #OHLetsGo campaign was developed. This multifaceted campaign had two key components: 

The Brand Ambassador (Blogger)
OHTO hired a brand ambassador for the summer. Their job was to travel to the four corners of Ontario’s Highlands' vast land in a branded vehicle and tweet, post, share and BLOG about their diverse experiences using the hashtag #OHLetsGo. This was an excellent way to share all that Ontario’s Highlands had to offer while cultivating content for all of their active social networks.

The Campaign Promotion
The campaign encouraged consumers to visit www.ohletsgo.ca and enter to win one of three custom vacations based on their escape destination of choice. The site used custom aggregate tehcnology to pull in posts from multiple social networks using the #OHLetsGo hashtag.


Over the three-month period of the campaign, the custom microsite had more than 15,000 unique visitors with nearly 3000 entries for the grand prize. These engagement levels were achieved through the #OHLetsGo hashtag as used thousands of times across multiple social networks.

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