Head to the Highlands

CLIENT: Ontario’s Highlands

TYPE OF WORK: Web, Branding, Print, Social


The task – develop a compelling integrated campaign to raise awareness of Ontario's Highlands (Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization - RTO 11) and sell getaway packages during the key summer tourism season. The campaign needs to convey the diverse experiences that the region has to offer for tourists that enjoy outdoor activity and speak to the key features of the region.


An extendible theme for the campaign was developed – Head to the Highlands. This dual-purpose line also acted as a driver statement for the creative. An integrated media campaign was developed and deployed across traditional (newsprint & consumer magazines) and digital channels (Facebook, Youtube, online newspapers and niche tourism sites). All creative drove traffic to a sales micro-site, www.headtothehighlands.ca, which featured 6 diverse and pre-packaged key experience getaways in the region.


The campaign, which lasted 8 weeks, successfully raised awareness of Ontario’s Highlands in key-near markets like the Greater Toronto Area. In total over 15,000 people visited the Head to the Highlands micro-site during the campaign and the Head to the Highlands action statement is currently being integrated into additional campaigns for Ontario’s Highlands.

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