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Brittany Deal is an entrepreneur, author, blogger and the founder of Savvy Girl - a lifestyle / movement based on the fact that not everyone wants or needs to be an expert on something, they just need to be Savvy. After the successful launch of her first book, Savvy Girl: A Guide to Wine, Brittany teamed up with experts to craft her next two Savvy Girl books on eating and etiquette. Prior to these books hitting stands, Brittany realized that her brand and digital presence were lacking a little savviness of their own. Based out of Los Angeles, Brittany began her search for a digital firm to help elevate her brand and create a new site that would become the hub of her Savvy movement. Brittany found THEY.


After an extensive review and audit of the existing Savvy Girl brand, THEY realized that there was an established brand direction that had some equity, and decided to follow that path while elevating the brand to the next level. Once the polished brand and art direction was set, THEY hand-crafted a responsive website powered by a highly customized version of WordPress. Just prior to launch, THEY worked with Brittany to roll out the new brand direction across her key social networks to ensure a consistent brand presentation.


Brittany's latest books were released shortly after launch. The site has become her foundation for building the Savvy brand.

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