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Wheelchair Rugby Canada Brand / Digital

Creating a strong brand for an iconic sport founded in Canada.

With an outdated brand identity and the restructuring of many Para-Sports in Canada, Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association required an overhaul that better represented their sport – Wheelchair Rugby.

Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (CWSA) formerly managed a large number of Para-sports in Canada. However, when many of the other wheelchair sports began to partner with their parent-sport, Wheelchair Rugby was the only one remaining under CWSA. The decision was obvious, to rebrand as Wheelchair Rugby Canada – a sport that was founded in Canada in 1976.

The goal was to transform a misaligned and outdated name and brand identity into a strong and powerful brand that better represented the strength of the game. Ultimately, create an iconic badge that can be worn by Athletes, Coaches and Fans.

The inspiration of the identity was the armored wheelchair wheel with 13 circles are surrounding the Maple Leaf as a symbolic reference to the rivets often seen on the chairs used in the sport. This is also a representation of the Provinces and Territories located in Canada.

A new, fully-responsive website was designed to become the hub of all things related to Wheelchair Rugby Canada and connect the community.

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