Fast Forward

The Fasting Method Brand / Digital

Megan Ramos and Dr. Jason Fung are leaders in intermittent fasting for better health and the founders of Intensive Dietary Management Inc. with clinics in Toronto and Houston. Three years ago, they had the vision to expand their reach beyond in-person consultations and offer an online community and program. The Fasting Method launched in 2018 and the program became an instant success with thousands of members across the globe.

With the growth of the program, IDM realized that it needed to solidify The Fasting Method’s leadership position with a solid brand foundation combined with a membership website that provides its users with a clean, intuitive, personal and premium User-Experience.

The new website offers users with a fresh, lifestyle-based UX that focusses heavily on presenting the many benefits of intermediate fasting while focussing heavily on user-conversion for a free 7 day trial of The Fasting Method.

The members enjoy a personalized UX, an intuitive Learning Management System, online community, forums, groups and seamless integration with Heads Up Health – the leader in data tracking for optimized health.

The brand identity was inspired by IDM’s Venn diagram representing their Proprietary Approach: Emotional, Scientific, Psychological. It also represents the three pillars of the brand promise: Education, Support & Community. This became the starting point for developing the custom icon for The Fasting Method. The triangular shape (or play button)  represents moving forward and by adding colour and overlapping the shapes it creates a unique and powerful mark as well an interesting optical illusion – almost floral like which also subtly supports the position of good health.