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Rachel Harvest Brand / Digital

Rachel Harvest is an NYC-based registered dietitian, behavioral health specialist, personal coach and the founder of The Harvest Method, her proprietary method to better self-care. Rachel approached THEY in January of 2020 with the goal of bettering her brand and creating a digital foundation to extend her virtual reach across the country and around the globe – At that time neither had the foresight to see just how important the world ‘virtual’ would become.

After an extensive brand discovery, we determined that Rachel’s brand hierarchy was inverted.  The Harvest Method was the driver and Rachel’s personal brand was in the passenger seat. The strategy was to flip the hierarchy and put Rachel front and center with The Harvest Method being her flagship offering. This gave her brand personality and allowed for unlimited future product releases under the new parent brand.

For her new website, Rachel invested in a professional commercial photographer to capture her personality, beauty and soul. Luckily, this was completed just prior to the pandemic went into full effect. Being based in NYC, the epicenter of the pandemic in North America, Rachel went into full lock-down mode and focussed on her rebrand and website and it allowed THEY to push through the project efficiently.

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