The Ties That Bind

Quinte Health Brand

An augmented name and revitalized brand foundation reinforce a collective spirit and prepare Quinte Health for the next chapter of providing better care to the communities it serves.

Quinte Health (formerly Quinte Health Care) has been providing exceptional care to the people of Hastings, Prince Edward and a portion of Northumberland Counties for more than 23 years.

Quinte Health was formed in 2001 when four hospitals were forced to amalgamate – Belleville General Hospital, North Hastings Hospital, Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital and Trenton Memorial Hospital – each with its own unique culture, rich history, and supportive team.

Two months of brand discovery revealed that while the decision to amalgamate was based on efficiencies and unification, many of the hospitals and communities struggled with this decision and tended to still operate in their own silo – ultimately creating somewhat of a divide between the teams and culture of each hospital site.

The rebranding project was completed in conjunction with the launch of a new five-year strategic plan for Quinte Health with the core promise to foster healthier, more connected people and communities by working even more closely between our teams, hospitals and partners to provide care as close to home as possible and to help build a stronger health care system for the future.

The new brand identity presents a fresh, modern look that reflects Quinte Health’s understanding of the importance of health to the patients, teams and communities and aligns with their compassionate culture and our vision of connecting people and communities.

The four chevrons represent the four hospitals working together as one, toward the same goal: better health for our patients and communities. The direction and positioning of the arrows create the universal hospital symbol in the centre, representing that patient care and people are at the centre of everything they do.

The colour selection represents diversity and inclusion within Quinte Health and also provides each hospital with a primary colour to maintain its individual identity within the parent organization.

Creating healthier communities. Together.

The tagline was created to represent Quinte Health’s single core promise and reason for being while reinforcing that everyone accomplishes this, together.