It was time to MYX up the brand.

MYX Drinks Digital

After 7 years in development, it was time for MYX to meet the world at NAMA – The largest vending trade show in North America.

Personalization is revolutionizing the beverage industry and MYX is leading the way. MYX is the World’s first, green-tech, all-natural, fully customizable hydration system capable of dispensing over 1 million drink combinations from one machine.

Leading up to the show, the Myx team identified the need for a new website to support sales leads from the show. Upon presenting the web direction, it was decided that all marketing materials should be redesigned to match the direction of the website.

THEY were faced with an incredibly tight timeline, very little source assets and a big list of deliverables including a custom website with API integration, machine wrap designs, machine Interface designs, and trade show graphics.