The Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution

Kris Carr Brand / Digital

They met NY Times Best Selling celebrity author and creator of the Crazy Sexy movement in 2010 during the design and development of a microsite for her latest book launch at the time, Crazy Sexy Diet. After the success and praise of that book and the microsite, it was time to take Kris’ online brand to a whole new level. At the time, she had 6 very successful digital properties all running in silos, on different technologies and platforms.

After an exhaustive review of all of Kris Carr’s digital properties, and deep analysis of Google Analytics for each, it was clear that Kris Carr was an online powerhouse, generating more than 3 Million annual visitors to her sites. During the strategic process, it became clear that the real opportunity was to harness this visitor traffic into one spot under one new domain, This did a few things; it created a single point of traffic for data capturing and monetization strategies, provided an online empire controlled by one highly customized version of WordPress and most importantly, placed Kris Carr as a brand into the driver’s seat while leveraging the equity of ‘Crazy Sexy’.

The new brand and site launched in September 2012 just in advance of Kris’ latest book Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Within an hour of launch the site had been visited by over 5000 unique visitors with over 1200 people surfing the site at a single time. Kris’ book was launched days later and became NY Times and Amazon Best Seller within a week. Shortly after the book launch, They worked on developing a custom Facebook Application to increase Kris’ 60,000 Likes. Currently Kris enjoys 116,000 Facebook Likes.