Honouring the Past, Looking to the Future

Belleville Police Brand

Established in 1836, the Belleville Police have evolved considerably over the past 180 years. With a significant milestone on the horizon, the opening of the new Belleville Police Services Headquarters, the force approached THEY to update and standardize the current crest to ensure consistent reproduction in the future.

Upon the initial investigation, it became clear that the current crest needed a significant update but perhaps even more clear was the fact that the update would not solve a seamless reproduction of the brand identity in many applications.

Our approach was to recreate the crest to ensure consistency reproduction and then introduce a secondary brand element, a powerful insignia that would compliment the crest but act as a more simplified identifier for the Belleville Police moving forward. Essentially, the idea was to make the historical crest more of a corporate brand component and use the insignia as more of a forward-facing element that can be easily and consistently produced across all brand touchpoints.

Belleville Police Services now has a brand system that honours the past and will be the foundation for the next 180 years.