Burger Revolution

CLIENT: Burger Revolution

TYPE OF WORK: Web, Branding


Executive Chef Jeffrey Camacho wanted to bring the crafted gourmet burger movement to Central Ontario. He had the vision for the hand ground, locally sourced and sustainable menu, but needed a concept, so he came to They. 


After a brief evaluation of the burger market, the idea literally hit us. What Chef Jeff was creating was a re-invention of what a good burger should be and could be; it was a revolution – A Burger Revolution! The extendibility of this brand concept came rather quickly. Pulling on rebel themed symbols, colours and iconic rebel imagery, things rapidly took shape. The hub of this brand concept was a fully responsive website which carries the core essence of the brand messaging. The brand theme was extended through every detail of the business including, environmental graphics, wearables, menu designs and menu item names.


Burger Revolution is a huge success, selling thousands of bugers a month with some clients literally driving hours to join the revolution. Recently Burger Rev has been given recognition as a 'Where to Eat' establishment by the Best of Ontario and recently received recognition as having one of the best Burger-Brands by BurgerBusiness.com

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