CLIENT: Belleville General Hospital Foundation

TYPE OF WORK: Web, Branding, Print


The Belleville General Hospital Foundation (BGHF) engaged They in 2010 to design and redevelop the foundation’s website. Their extremely dated existing site was developed in early 2002 and had no content management system. 

Through the web design process it became evident that the BGHF brand was lacking in many respects. Most importantly there was nothing distinctive, aspirational or recognizable about the brand position. BGHF extended their relationship with They to include a full rebrand of BGHF and to help get the Foundation to the next level.


They began with an exhaustive research process, including interviews with key stake-holders, staff, committee members, hospital administration, donors and members of the community. Research indicated that BGHF did not have hold a clear position, and had low awareness and recognition within the community it served. Additionally, those that were aware of BGHF did not have a clear understanding of it’s purpose within the regional healthcare system.

This research provided insight and became the foundation for developing the strategic and creative direction for the new BGHF brand platform. 


A distinctive logo-mark and aspiration tag-line were created, and They provided an extendible platform for all of the BGHF communication efforts. The new BGHF brand has been embraced by the foundation, injecting life into its fundraising efforts. The new brand platform has been deployed across all of BGHF’s communication channels, including a fresh new website with a full content management system.

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