3 Day Reset

CLIENT: Pooja Mottl

TYPE OF WORK: Web, Branding, Social


Pooja Mottl is a professionally trained Natural Foods Chef, Healthy Eating Coach, and Healthy Living Expert whose work has captivated audiences from Good Morning America to the Huffington Post. Pooja required a microsite to launch her new book, The 3-Day Reset. The site needed to support the brand position of the book, engage users, and focus on sale conversion channels for book sales.


Built on a highly customized version of WordPress, the responsive design uses a ‘long-scroll’ design concept to walk users through the key highlights of the book, including a customizable True/False quiz section controlled by the CMS. Once the art direction was established, THEY worked with Pooja to roll the brand direction across all social channels to ensure consistency.


Launched just ahead of the pre-sale release, the microsite is hub of all marketing for The 3-Day Reset and accompanying book tour. This solid brand foundation is now being extended into a full website for Pooja’s personal brand and further brand extensions.

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